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The company is the first privately owned online retailer in Greece, of unique gadgets and premium quality gifts. We are very happy to be the first in Greece to start up a business that is a huge success all over the world and at the same time to reflect what we believe which is to provide a pain free approach to shopping at very competitive prices, something that can only be achieved by shopping through INTERNET.

The idea of this business is that you'll find products at long before they make it to the mass market, or sometimes they won’t at all. It is our mission to always be first with the latest hot stuff.

The philosophy is based on finding the best gadgets, games, boys' toys and lifestyle, from around the world, road-testing them (because that's what makes this job so great!) and to make them available to our customers at market-beating prices.

Our company’s name GADGETLIFE was given by combining the two words that constitute our passion and philosophy, and these are “gadgets” and “life”.

As far as gadgets is concerned, this is our passion. The world is full of boring products. At we try to do things a little differently. We search high and low for things with a twist. Products that are inspirational, quirky, bizarre and downright fun. From London to Beijing, Frankfurt to Tokyo, we scour the world looking for the 'next big thing', then make it available through our website in real affordable prices.

As far as life, well this is really personal for every individual, but here at gadgetlife we strongly believe that , there are more than enough things out there that people have to take seriously: mortgages, relationships, jobs, world peace. If we can break those things up with a bit of battery-powered, radio-controlled levity (and do it without breaking the bank), then we think that's time well spent.

Combining the above statements, it brings us to our company's mission statement: 'Spice up your life'.

Finally it is important to know that we have a policy of openness and tangibility, and we aim to be as approachable as we can. If you have any comments or criticisms of our products or service, we actively encourage your contact. We want to be the best, something that cannot be achieved without your participation in this.

Enjoy the site and enjoy the products. They're on here because we love them - and we're confident you will, too.

From the management of we wish you a warm welcome to our shop.

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